Statement by Campfire Summit Regarding Zima Digital Assets

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: February 7th, 2020

In light of the recent troubling news about Zima Digital Assets, Campfire would like to set the record straight with respect to Zima Digital Assets’ involvement with the 2019 Campfire Summit: Athletes and Family event.

Zima Digital Assets was one of the many passive sponsors of that event, period. Zima Digital Assets provided a private venue, and in return they received what all sponsors received…. logo placement on signage and invitations, as well as access to the event. Additionally, John Caruso participated as one of five guest panelists for the finance and investing panel along with a former professional athlete, a financial advisor, a lawyer, and an investor. At no point did Caruso, or any other panelists suggest anybody to invest their money with him, Zima Digital Assets or any other investment of any kind. Campfire did not then and will never recommend or opine on any investment opportunity.

Campfire will release the video coverage of the event in the next few days to provide full transparency with respect to our event and message of education and empowerment… the information shared in the video is more valuable now to players and families than ever before.

Our thoughts are with any players and families that may be affected by the heinous acts that Zima Digital Assets is under investigation for.

# # #